My name is Felicitas Jung, most people call me Feli for easier pronounciation. I am a German with strong legal background, thriving in an international work environment, who also happens to be interested in technology. Currently I am participating in the two-year Referendariat program, which I will graduate from end of May 2022. During these two years participants will work as a Trainee Judge, Traine Prosecutor, Trainee Lawyer and for the last rotation I myself am currently doing my placement at the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Developement in the city of Bonn, Germany.

If you are interested in details regarding my experience, including my knowledge of languages, see the Experience page in the navigation. More detailed information will be provided in a CV.

If you do not yet feel familiar with the Legal Education System in Germany, please have a look at the corresponding page. There I will provide you with an overview of:

• what a good grade for a Law student in Germany is

• how long university will take and what degree you will hold internationally


• how you become a Lawyer in Germany

Please notice however that this is only an overview with no intention for completeness and that I am not providing legal help on becoming a lawyer in Germany.